Grounds at Bosque del Cabo

Bosque del Cabo Nature Lodge encompasses more than 700 acres of the Costa Rican rainforest and within that land there are various zones and landscapes ranging from primary rainforest, creeks, important watershed areas, beachfront and open garden areas. Most of our land is comprised of rainforest; we estimate that 90%-95% of the Bosque land reserve is established or regenerating forest. Bosque also has 3+ kilometers of deserted and rugged Pacific beachfront which is peppered with tidal pools, small caves and arch rocks. This beachfront provides the perfect area for a private beach experience in nature that is one of the most memorable activities that our guests enjoy. Many creeks originate and cross through the property.

We have a gorgeous 300-foot long suspension bridge that spans one of these creeks and allows guests to silently observe animals and birds that thrive in this aquatic ecosystem. There are also several other bridges that provide wonderful ways to check out the creeks around the grounds.

When Bosque was first purchased, the grounds were dotted with cleared areas from the previous owner’s farms. Most of those cleared areas have been left to regenerate into forest. However, there are about 8-10 acres of land that we have converted into a small botanical garden. Our gardens include decorative groupings of tropical Central American plants, collections of native flora and botanical collections including species of bamboo, heliconia, palm, ginger, and banana plants. Anyone interested in tropical flora will be delighted to wander around the grounds. Our gardens are also home to many of Costa Rica’s species of birds (including many different hummingbirds), butterflies and moths, and other creatures such as iguanas and agoutis. We have tried to enhance the garden areas by creating spring-fed ponds to attract animals such as frogs, dragonflies and mammals looking for watering holes. These ponds have been wildly successful in attracting small reptiles- the ponds come alive at night and provide a stunning showcase for the many wonderful species of frogs, snakes and spiders. Guests are able to regularly see things like the amazingly beautiful Costa Rican red-eyed tree frog, delicate masked tree frogs or enormous milky frogs.