Bosque del Cabo Activities

There are many fun, exciting, and unique adventures to enjoy here at Bosque del Cabo. We are here to help you have a fun and active (as much as you want) vacation.

Do you want to catch a Sailfish? Or learn how to surf while Scarlet Macaws fly overhead and you enjoy the stunning view of the rugged rainforest coastline descending to the gorgeous blue Pacific shore?

Do you dream of riding a horse through dense rainforest until you find an opening that takes you to an amazingly beautiful and deserted beach? Maybe you just really want a guide to show you that beautiful and elusive Baird’s Trogon (and the Chesnut-mandibled Toucan, the Red-capped Manakin and the Laughing Falcon... of course!)?
We have it all here for you. You can go for the really active and thrilling adventures, such as zipping through the rainforest to alight on our 110 foot high tree platform or descend a natural rock wall as you follow the course of a beautiful waterfall, or try more tame ventures such as a leisurely sunset tour around the Bosque grounds or a relaxing kayak tour around the Golfo Dulce. And you can even try our totally relaxing activities such as having a jungle massage or shopping for local crafts in our gift shop. We will do our best to set up all the tours you want once you get to the lodge. The only tour that we recommend setting up in advance of your stay is sport fishing (due to limited number of boats and captains).

We have listed our activity prices so that you can get an idea of what things will cost, but please note that prices and availability of activities can vary and change without notice.  Please check details of tours with Bosque del Cabo office (