Bosque del Cabo has hosted a variety of different groups over the last (almost) two decades, including family reunions and family groups, photo workshops, yoga groups, birding groups, mountain biking tour groups, outdoor active travel groups, private parties and so on. And of course Bosque has always been a premier destination for wedding parties and honeymooners. We really enjoy having groups stay at the lodge, and work hard to make the event, whatever it is, special and memorable. We would be happy to discuss the details necessary to accommodate your personal or corporate group. We do have limitations, being a small lodge and being remotely-located, so please be sure that your group is looking for a nature lodge experience.
One key to success with group events is that all the participants are going to really enjoy being in a place that is very close to the rainforest and jungle animals (including some creatures like insects, frogs, geckos, bats, spiders and even the occasional snake), far away from many modern conveniences like air conditioning, wireless internet, phones and hair dryers, and a casual and relaxed vibe. Also, please note, Bosque del Cabo usually prefers to accept groups and wedding parties during our green season (from May-November). Please drop us an e-mail or call us, and fill us in on your group and wishes.