Roy Toft
Bosque del Cabo is proud to offer photo workshops run by the extensively traveled and prolifically published professional photographer, Roy Toft (Roy’s amazing pictures can be seen throughout Bosque’s website and are also occasionally featured in noted publications such as National Geographic, Audubon, Wildlife Photographer, Coastal Living, and so on).

Roy’s workshop offers a unique look at the Costa Rican rainforest through the lens of a wildlife photographer. Join him for 5 fun-filled days of intensive camera and lens work. The workshop features group classes, one-on-one sessions, slide shows both for instruction and group photo reviews, and caps off with a special boat trip to an amazing animal sanctuary for some opportunities for macro and close-up wildlife shots. Participants leave the workshop with a greatly expanded working knowledge of wildlife photography; ad
Photography at Bosque del Cabo
ditionally, Roy is known to be a super fun teacher that makes the workshops a joy to take. His workshop groups always fill up quickly. He usually hosts his groups in early December, but sometimes will add another workshop if there is a need/desire. If you have ever though about seeing the rainforest and the myriad of extraordinary animals that live there, this would be a great trip to sign-up for. Also, please note that the location and ambience of Bosque del Cabo make this an ideal place for a couple to visit where one of the pair is not a photographer. Please check out these web pages if you are interested.

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