Donations by Bosque del Cabo:

After almost 20 years in business, Bosque del Cabo has made many charitable donations and helped the local community. Here is a list of some of the charities we have helped and some of our charitable donations:
  • Hosted intern from the United States
  • Sponsored salary of a park guard for Corcovado
  • Hosted intern from the Netherlands and from Costa Rica
  • $1000 donation to Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Sponsored salary of a park guard for Corcovado
  • Help with donation to old folks home
  • Donation for Costa Rica Independence Day parade
  • Donation for town celebration (fiestas patronales)
  • Donation to children for pageant
  • Hosted Bosque del Cabo Jungle Golf tour and donate proceeds to WOO
  • Donation of anesthesia for clinic to spay animals
  • Donation to children for pageant
  • Donation to local school for Christmas party
  • Donation to Puerto Jimenez’s Dengue Combat Committee (Comité Institucional Campaña contra el Dengue)
  • Donation to Puerto Jimenez’s public library
  • Donation to English Club for festival in Puerto Jimenez
  • Donation to FOO for Osa Biodiversity Center
  • Donation to help local schools with graduation
  • Sponsor inter from USA
  • Sponsor intern from England
  • Support of Osa Sea Turtle Program
  • 3 night contribution to HOMES, for auction: helps find homes for grown children with learning disabilities
  • 3 night contribution to O2 for life auction to help with rainforest conservation
  • Supervise and oversee building of the recycling center for RANA and WOO
  • Hosted Bosque del Cabo charity Golf Tournament for WOO
  • Helped with donation to children’s park in Puerto Jimenez
  • Hosted Bosque del Cabo Charity Golf tournament, donating proceeds to WOO
  • Sponsor intern from USA
  • Sell t-shirts for Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program ($910)
  • Donation of two VHF radios to Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Send child (Maria Fernanda) of one employee (Leo) to Nueva Hoja elementary school
  • $250 donation to construction of Escuela Bambu
  • Donation for spay/neuter campaign
  • Host FOO Science Conference
  • Donation to Escuela Gallardo
  • Spearheaded media campaign to stop large development on the Osa
  • Host local artisans at lodge for sale of jewelry/crafts
  • Donation to campaign to help eradicate dengue in Puerto Jimenez
  • Helped at Earth Day celebration in Puerto Jimenez 2007: Led all people, ran food booth with biodegradable bowls, utensils, etc
  • Donation to catholic church in Puerto Jimenez for town celebration
  • Donation to local school
  • Hosted interns from Puerto Jimenez to work in the kitchen for credit experience
  • Sponsored 1 Km of beach for the Sea Turtle Conservation Project
  • Bosque del Cabo Charity Golf tournament for WOO
  • Sponsored guest events to help with donation for Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Sponsor training in sea turtle conservation for one of our employees
  • Help WIDECAST program get a grant/matching funds from NORIA for $5000 for sea turtle conservation
  • Hosted CRUSA event for President Oscar Arias
  • Hosted Native Plant Workshop at lodge
  • Helped in Earth Day 2008: Lending tent for food booth, cooking part of the menu at our lodge, contacting all the organizations and micro-enterprises that put up stands on the day of the event, sending two interns and one employee to help out all day the date of the event.
  • Hosted two interns from the UK and one intern from USA
  • Hosted two interns from USA
  • Sponsor spray and neuter clinic in Puerto Jimenez February
  • Sponsor spray and neuter clinic in Puerto Jimenez May
  • Donating 3 nights to a charitable auction benefiting Friends of the Osa
  • Help sponsor cycling event with the proceeds benefiting a women’s shelter/drug rehabilitation organization in Puerto Jiménez
  • Donating 2 nights to a San José school for a “Teacher Appreciation” benefit
  • this year we will host an intern from the U.S. (Mandy) and one from Canada (Adrienne)
  • gave two remote cameras to Aida and will sponser 4-5 for the property to help her project