Bosque del Cabo offers a refreshing pool for the enjoyment of our guests.  The kidney-shaped pool is landscaped with lush plantings and trees to offer tropical colors and shade.  We have provided teak chaise lounge chairs and umbrellas on the surrounding deck.  The bar / guest lounge is located steps away- and our staff will be happy to serve you a cool blended drink while you sunbathe and relax.
Our pool has a very interesting and environmentally-friendly cleaning and filtration system.  The pump runs off of two 180-watt panels, and powers a specially designed pumping system that begins working when the sun hits the solar panels (mounted on the roof of the bar).  This pump is used in conjunction with an ionization system which cleans the water via copper and silver ions that kill the bacteria/algae.  This unique ionization system requires very little chemical input, thus drastically cutting down on chlorine use.
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