About Us

We set up this section of our website as a sort of bulletin board for all kinds of bits and pieces that we wanted to share with people. We have included here a section of information about us and our staff- so that others can know more of the story and people behind Bosque del Cabo, if they like. We have also included a very vital section about conservation. Conservation efforts, both our own and those of others, are incredibly important to us at Bosque. We try to shoulder a responsibility for our own impact of this area, as well as steward the surrounding areas with an eye towards discouraging large developments and facilitating groups active in protecting nature in her efforts to sustain a thriving wilderness terrain that has been referred to as one of the most biologically intense and important places on Earth.
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To this end, we have also included a section on projects going on in and around Bosque. This section includes descriptions of important biological research being conducted on our property (and beyond), as well as descriptions of projects we are planning and implementing around the Bosque land reserve. We have set up a fun guestbook that past and future guests are welcomed to sign. And finally, we have included here a section on publications regarding Bosque del Cabo, for the person that would like to know a bit more about what others are saying about us. We hope you enjoy this news section!