18th Edition by Beatrice Blake & Anne Becher

Bosque del Cabo (private bath, hot water, fans, spring-fed pool; 4130-$170/person, including meals; children 3-12, $60; cell phone: 381-4847, phone/fax: 735-5206; www.bosquedelcabo.com, e-mail: phil@bosquedelcabo.com, a few kilometers farther down the road and left down a mile-long driveway through the forest, has a spectacular view of the ocean from above Cabo Matapalo at the very southern tip of the Osa Peninsula.
You can take a horseback ride down to the beach, where there is a beautiful waterfall with macaws nesting above the pool, or slide Tarzan-like on a cable to a wildlife observation platform 110 feet up in a manu tree in the middle of the forest. Yoga classes and massage are also offered. The chic, tropical-style individual bungalows are perched at the edge of a semi-circular cliff overlooking the sea. They are spacious, with porches and unique outdoor showers decorated with creative mosaic work. Screened and louvered windows allow you to adjust the natural air conditioning. The restaurant serves good international food and is receptive to vegetarians. Three houses are available for a weekly rental of $1400-$2300/week, meals not included. With advance notice, they can arrange a taxi from Puerto Jimenez for $25 each way. Recommended.